Building a Website

Building a website involves a number of things and depending on your level of expertise, these steps may vary. Webmasters with creative mind will try and produce something original often resorting to designing their own graphics and website layout. Others will simply follow the masses and use a template that has been designed by someone else for a one-time fee. Whatever you decide, some of the resources on building websites contained within this section might be of use to you.

Web Design Basics
Designing a website can be hard and simple depending on how you go about it. In order to simplify things, you must first work out a plan, which will be a blueprint for your site. By sitting down first and identifying the main objectives of the site, you can make sure that every effort in the design stage will support the final goal. Browse this page to learn about the basic elements of web design and more.

HTML Programming Basics
Part of every webmasters resume is their knowledge of HTML. Sure, some know more than others but a certain amount is necessary if you're to run a website. HTML is one of the easiest programming languages around, and with the help of HTML editors, it's even easier. As you'll soon find out, HTML is all about tables and once you wrap your head around that, it's all downhill from there.

HTML Syntax Checkers
In order for your site to rank well, it has to be indexed first and in order for that to happen, search engine spiders visiting your website must be able to follow your HTML code. Sometimes, broken links, missing closing tags, among other commonly made mistakes can keep your site from being indexed properly or not at all. This is where all of your marketing and optimization efforts go to waste. A syntax checker should be part of every webmaster's list of internet marketing tools and part of their system of putting up a website.

Website Building Tools
If you don't know much about HTML or graphic design, you'll surely appreciate these website building tools. There are many templates available on the net; some are free and some aren't. You can choose to go with an already designed template, but be sure that it matches your goals and objectives for your website. If you'd like to do something more original, usually the cheaper and more effective way to go, these tools might help achieve that goal. Building a website has never been easier!