Free Banner Rotation Software

In order to make the most of your advertising, it's important to keep your campaigns fresh. Does that mean that you have to go in every couple of days and replace your current banners? That's not so bad but what about if your advertiser wants to feature a variety of banners in one location for testing purposes and to identify the best performing creative. For that you need banner rotation software and lucky for you, some come free.

The best and more effective way is to serve up your banners using banner rotation software. The way it works is you divide your site up into zones, where each zone is a separate advertising area on our site. You can choose to keep the index page separate from all others, or keep the ad spaces the same for all pages. You may also have to specify regions, which could be your different advertisers. Then, instead of placing a creative on each individual page, you insert code for a particular campaign. Later on when a banner needs to be replaced, instead of going to each page and replace the creative, you go to the banner software and replace the particular graphic. It's much easier and gives you the flexibility you need when dealing with advertisers on your site.

If your funding is a little low at the moment, you may want to look at some of the free banner software links that we have here for you. While they may not be as good as those that you are required to purchase, they still serve their purpose just fine. Give it a try and see how it goes.

Ad Butler Banner Software
This is a powerful advertising serving system. By combining advanced software with high quality infrastructure Ad Butler gives you the power to manage your advertising. It easily scales from 25,000 impressions on a small website to billions of impressions per month. Ad Butler offers advanced reporting options and detailed control over ad distribution. They offer two plan: professional and free. Ad Butler serves 7.5% of their own banners within your rotation to keep this service FREE of charge.

This is a modular, full-featured, ad management system, design specifically for sites which demand a reliable, high-performance, easily customizable, scalable solution, at an extremely low cost (free). The basic requirements for running BannerFusion are Perl, MySQL, a unix-like OS, and shell access.

Banner Matic
This script will operate a rotating banner ad system on your website. Bannermatic comes in 3 versions. Version 1 uses server-side includes; version 2 is HTTP cookie powered; version 3 uses IP addresses. Pick one or try them all at no charge. All versions of BANNERMATIC include BANMAN, the Bannermatic Manager

DAD Banner Rotation Software
DAD is a mod_perl application with advanced targeting capabilities, a comprehensive administrative interface, and automatic client reporting. DAD can target ads by many factors, which include: remaining impressions, browser, domain name, number of times a user has seen an ad, virtualhost-specific environment variables, and other ads on a given page. The targeting code is written to allow easy addition of new targeting dimensions for site-specific needs. DAD provides a web-based administrative interface for maintenance of ads and their targeting dimension, ad placement, and site and reporting parameters. Ad parameters and placement can be updated in real-time on a live site. Additionally, each advertiser can be given a password-protected URL where they can view automatically updated statistics about their ads.