Cool Tools

There are a lot of fun things that you can do when it comes to the internet, whether you're using the resources or providing the content. In the case of the latter, there are a lot of cool tools available to webmasters and we have a few of them listed here. Some are there to offer a different look at things while others will simply make your HTML coding experience easier.

Google Spoofs
Google spoofs and Google hacks are a fun and can often be used as a way of looking at and analyze the results from the world's most popular search engine; some also provide you with a quicker way of finding just what you are looking for as well as comparing results for different sites. Considering the amount of knowledge and effort it takes to get decent rankings on Google, anything that can save us some time is worth looking at.

HTML Font Codes
If you'd like to manipulate the text on your page, understanding the HTML font code is important. There are a couple of main things to consider - attributes and variables. One of the ways in which text can be manipulated is with the use of CSS files, where you can create classes requiring you to set the style once. When writing your HTML pages, you would use the class attribute to specify the look of that particular part of the text.

HTML Colour Code Chart
Colours always make a page more fun and stimulating. When using colours on your pages, it's always a good idea to use the html colour code to display them while sticking to the guidelines. There are only 216 colours that are considered browser-safe. Although most browsers don't have a problem displaying colours other than those listed on this page, using browser-safe colours ensures that every single browser is able to display your pages properly. Some users might not have high-resolution monitors or higher degrees of colour support, which will prevent them from seeing colour that are not browser-safe.

Free Banner Rotation Software
In order to make the most of your advertising, it's important to keep your campaigns fresh. Does that mean that you have to go in every couple of days and replace your current banners? That's not so bad but what about if your advertiser wants to feature a variety of banners in one location for testing purposes and to identify the best performing creative. For that you need banner rotation software and lucky for you, some come free.