Internet Marketing Tools

While no one can tell you the exact strategy for getting the top ranks for a particular search terms, there are a number of things that are sure to increase your chances of getting there. By studying Google's ranking algorithm, webmasters have been able to put together a list of factors that affect search engine positioning greatly. Since Google provides about 80% of all search engine traffic, it only makes sense to focus your optimizing efforts on it mainly.

One thing to keep in mind when using any of these internet marketing tools is that no one will give you the full advantage. Because ranking algorithms involve a great number of factors, it's important to understand where you can make a difference and improve your search engine positioning.

Keyword Suggestion Tools
Knowing which keywords to target is of most importance in search engine optimization. These tools can help you identify the most popular search terms as well as your competition. By entering a keyword or search phrase, you will get the number of searches done on it and also other keyword suggestions; these may include other search phrases that use the keyword you entered or other words that are related.

Keyword Analysis Tools
Because factors such as keyword density can affect your site's performance greatly, it's important to try and stick to the rules. These keyword analysis tools will help you get a general idea of the frequency of a particular search term or phrase to get a quick idea of whether you are following the guidelines. You can also use these tools to analyze other sites that are ranking well and get a sense of what works for them.

Online Spellcheckers
Depending on your website's content, your spelling and grammar can have a great effect on how reliable your visitors perceive it to be. Bad grammar can make it difficult for readers to understand your original thoughts and intentions and the main point of your work could very much be missed. Also, if you have a bunch of spelling errors and the grammar just doesn't make sense, surfers may conclude that the person who wrote the content is uneducated, which reduces your credibility and thus, the chance of return traffic.

Link Popularity Check
Link popularity is a big factor in how well you rank in the search engines, particularly Google. Knowing how many sites link to you and, if possible, which specific sites are linking to you gives you the insight as to what needs to be done. Studying links pointing to your competition is also helpful.

Meta Tag Analyzers
Optimizing your meta tags is important in search engine optimization as they allow for better spidering and indexing of your webpage by certain robot-driven search engines, and more importantly they may play a role in determining how well your webpage will rank for certain keywords.