Keyword Suggestion Tools

Search engine optimization revolves around the idea of targeting popular search terms in order to bring in traffic. Although factors such as keyword density, meta tag content as well as page size contribute to your overall ranking in the search engines, if you're not targeting the right keywords, no one will find you.

According to, today more people use 2 word phrases in search engines. Their research showed that "of all the search phrases world wide, 32.58 percent of the people use 2 word phrases, 25.61 percent use 3 word phrases and 19.02 percent use 1 word phrase." This should give you an idea what you should be aiming at when determining your keyword optimisation strategy.

So, what are surfers searching for these days? There is a number of good keyword suggestion tools available either free of charge or for a small fee. Although some of these tools are better than others, regardless of which you use, you're sure to be more ahead than simply guessing at what people might be interested in.

Wordtracker Keyword Research Tool
This tool helps you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered. These related keywords will provide you with a way to get more traffic through a different variety of keywords, although they mean the same thing. Wordtracker also gives you the option on capitalizing on misspellings. This is great for finding niches. No-one on the net really targets misspellings. How can they? They don't know what they are.

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool
Much like Wordtracker, the Overture tools gives you keyword combinations, the only significant difference being that the results are presented in a grouped fashion where singular and plural search terms are counted as the same. This can be a slight disadvantage when going for rankings in a search engines that differentiates between the singular and plural form.

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion
Get ideas for new keywords that can help you improve your ad relevance. If you're running your ads on broad-matched keywords, you may also find additional terms that may trigger your ads. This tools gives you the opportunity to get a glimpse into Google's mind as their keyword suggestion reflect the more popular searches performed in the search engine.

Espotting Keyword Generator
Need some help choosing relevant keywords? Simply enter a keyword you would like to bid on and they'll show you not only how many searches that keyword has received in the past 30 days, but also additional related searches that include your keyword. Useful when looking to buy advertisement on this popular UK pay-per-click search engine.