Meta Tag Analyzers

Optimizing your meta tags is important in search engine optimization as they allow for better spidering and indexing of your webpage by certain robot-driven search engines, and more importantly they may play a role in determining how well your webpage will rank for certain keywords.

Meta tags are invisible to surfers; they are only there to provide information about the page. As is the case with most things, there is a right and wrong way to use meta tags and whether or not you follow the guidelines will play a part in how well your site ranks for given keywords. It may be that you are unsure of the correct use of meta tags, in which case feel free to use the meta tag analyzers provided below. Each offers certain features that we will highlight in a short description and it may be worth your while to tweak and tune your pages using the suggestions of more than one analyzer.

Scrub the Web
Check how search engine friendly your page/site is by utilizing ScrubTheWeb.Comís free URL analysis which includes a Meta tag analyzer. This analyzer provides certain basic analyses (Meta keywords, description, and title) for free, but other aspects you will need to pay to become a member and get the full details.

Widexl Analyzer
This meta tag analyzer is basically a script. It analyzes not only the meta tags but also tries to use the same spider technology as the spiders themselves. This mean that you will be able to see your pages as a search engines sees it giving you a big more insight into the technology allowing you to work out a better strategy.

Meta Tag Analyzer from SEO Masters
This tool offers instant, online report of a website's meta tags; it checks for title, keywords, description, robots & author tag and their relavancy with the page content. Very much like the meta tag analyzer tool listed above, this one also allows you to specify the search engine spider you wish to use.