Email Marketing Tactics

We've all had our share of spam in our inboxes, but that's no indication that email marketing is a thing of the past. It can still be very much effective IF you are abiding by the rules. Although everyone hates spam, surely at one point there was something that was actually of interest among all those spammy messages, if you took the time of day to actually look through all that junk, that is. May it was some kind of cheap travel advertisement or maybe a good deal on a pair of shoes that caught your eye - whatever it was, it just proved the email marketing does, in fact, work.

Because advertising through email is a touchy subject these days, you have to be careful what email marketing tactics you employ. Ensure as much as possible that you are marketing to the right group of people and always respect your audiences requests with regard to unsubscribes.

Although it's a big commitment, sending out a newsletter periodically to individuals that have opted-in is a great way to promote your website as well as invite more people to come back and visit. It's a great way to collect email addresses of individuals that are interested in your product or service giving you the option to advertise new things that come up. Be sure to ask for their name as well in the newsletter sign-up for so you can personalize the letters as you send them out. One important thing to keep in mind is that someone may want to unsubscribe at some point. You can provide different ways for people to unsubscribe, such as adding a link to the bottom of your emails asking for a reply.

Offers, Contests & Prize Give-aways
One of the best and most effective e-mail marketing tactics is to offer great savings, contest and prize give-aways. There are tons of things that you can offer to your visitors. You can give them the option to receive various offers, set up weekly or monthly prize draws or contests to keep your visitors interested and wanting to come back. This also allows you to create an online community where surfers like to stop in and chat with others. These are also places that they will recommend to the friends and family, which means more traffic for you. Everyone loves a good deal and if you can give them just that, you're on a sure road to success.

Rent or Buy Targeted Email Lists
If you haven't set up a big enough database on your own, you may consider buying or rending an email list in order to expand your customer base. Buying an email list once in a while can have it's benefits but you have to be careful. The direct marketing industry has compiled lists of people who have opted-in to receive commercial emails but the quality of the list depends on where you get it. Some are organized into groups according to industry and particular interest others are just thrown together and thus, non-targeted. Buying emails lists is somewhat of a gamble and as such it's in your best interest to get an email list broker, to help you out a little.