Selling Ad Space

Selling advertising space on your website may be another great way to make a few extra bucks, and in some cases, a nice monthly income. Your site's earning potential is determined by the amount of traffic your site receives and how effective your advertising methods are. If you're advertising cheap CD sales on a pharmaceutical site, don't expect a big profit. In order to maximize your profits, you must be able to recognize what effective selling is and how to incorporate it onto your work to create a profitable website.

There are a couple of packages that you can offer your clients; you can charge your advertisers for every single visitor you send them (known as cost-per-click) or charge them a flat rate per month, where the rate depends on the position of their banner on your site. There are also CPA deals that you can set up, but that's going more so into affiliate programs. If you'd like to read more about those, click here.

Cost per Click
While charging per click is used to be one of the most popular advertising methods, it's becoming harder and harder for webmasters to find this deal; it doesn't mean that it's impossible however. Because of the nature of the deal, it's especially important to advertise a related product for your good as well as that of the advertiser. Since you are getting paid per click, you want as many people clicking on the ads as possible. The more targeted the advertising is, the more visitors will click out of interest. To the advertiser, this means more targeted traffic coming in.

Flat Rate
When designing your site, you should keep selling ad space in mind and leave areas that could yield some high earning potential open. For example, banners placed near the top of the site are worth more than those placed at the bottom because more people will see them (remember, not everyone scrolls down to the bottom of the page). You can place banners near the top in the header, along the sides of your pages and also within your pages among the content. Whatever you intention is with regards to selling ad space, be sure to keep key areas that will yield the biggest profit open. Be sure to check out our free banner rotation software section.

The rate that you can charge for each advertising space on your site depends on the amount of traffic your site receives as this reflects the actual exposure that the advertisements will get. The higher the traffic, the more you can charge your advertisers. Be sure to keep the rates reasonable and prepare to offer a deal from time to time. It may just be worth it.